Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shopping, shopping, shopping!

Shopping, that about sums up today! We went on our scheduled tour to the Chen Clan Temple. We thought we were going to see another buddist temple, but actually it's now a folk art museum---with, of course, stores where you can buy things! I did make some purchases, again. We got a chop (kinda like a stamp) with Owen's name written in Chinese, and a scroll with our family name on it. The other things we bought there are a secret....they're gifts :) Then it was off the the jade and provincial porcelain place (this is what our guide called it). Ummm.....we shopped a little more :) We got some chopsticks--we're gonna need those, a jade pendant for Wen, and some other goodies for our other kids which I'm not going to mention, because they're surprises too! Sorry for the suspense B, J, and El! I also splurged and got myself and Ice Jade braclet--very pretty.
We got back to our beautiful hotel, had some lunch, and brought Wen back to the room for a nap, AKA "my blog time". I must really love you blog crazy people (you know who you are!) to be spending every nap blogging. Especially now that we are in Guangzhou and I could be shopping! It really is nice to be here. There are so many little shops and the hotel is actually located on an island-Shamian Island. Our room looks out the the Pearl River which is the 3rd largest river in China.
Tonight we will be meeting the other GW families for dinner at the Cow and Bridge, a Thai restaurant here on Shamiam Island. It's nice to have a greater variety of food now. Also, the breakfast buffet here is wonderful! Luckily, they did have noodles for Wen. So far we have tried french fries, tater tots, chicken nuggets, french toast, pancakes, and toast. The only thing he has even tried was a french fry. He took one bit, chewed it, and spit it out! I told him that sometimes we need to run through the drive through for some fast food when we are out, and they don't sell noodles! Hopefully, once he see's Ella eating he'll decide to try some new foods.
Enjoy today's pictures :)
*B, J, and El--lots of shopping means some good stuff for you guys! I think you'll like our purchases! B and J- enjoy your last day off (and go to bed early tonight!) El-you're lucky, I think Meme is making meatballs today, YUM, I'm jealous! We love you guys. We're almost home!
The view from our window

Now that's a jade ship!
It's a whole new world out there!
This is how Owen has been falling asleep! When he's tired he grabs Brian's hand, brings him over to the bed, tells him to lay down, and climbs on!
Outside the Chen Clan Temple

This artist is fingerpainting. His work is unbelievable!

Magnolia --- for you mom :)

Wen and his new friend Tai. Isn't he so cute???
I don't care how hot they are, I'm hungry!
Noodle lover!


Smith Family Rocks said...

You guys look like you're doing great! We're so happy for you and Wen. We're also jealous of your location, we have 5 more days in our Provence before Guangzhou.

Best of luck,
The Smiths

Michelle said...

Just yesterday, I asked Ken what was the first food he was going to eat when he returned to China. He explained it was a noodle in a broth, unlike any soup, Chinese dish, etc. he has experienced here. It looks like Wen is a big fan too! I will have to get more details and see if I can come up with some of the noodles in Chinatown. You and I can start searching recipes for an appropriate broth:) I am right there with your mother on my love for Magnolias:) I specifically remember the trees right outside the Chen Clan Temple. Enjoy your last few days and especially the shopping on Shamian Island!

Joanne said...

Hi there! It is so nice to see some "familiar" sights. I remember going to the Chen Temple and buying & buying - fun!
The photo of Wen asleep on Brian = priceless!
I'm sure you enjoyed the Cow&Bridge, we ended up going back the next day for was funny because we were without our guide and we pointed to the same things we had the night before :) Yummy! We must get the "3 dimples" together for a noodle meal when you're home!

Red Thread to my Daughter said... favorite thing to do.And of course those of us obsessed with blogging love you for keeping us informed. Hopefully Wen's love of noodles will translate into love of Italian noodles.... Hows the coffee?

Jodee Leader said...

That might be the sweetest sleeping picture I have ever seen! It looks like he is bonding so well with both of you! Enjoy the rest of your time in China!

David and Sarah said...

LOVE the sleeping picture!