Monday, April 27, 2009

Love is....... someone you care about a foot massage

How cute are these two rubbing each other's feet with lotion after their bath last night?????

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seeing clearly

Owen got his new glasses today!! Hooray, now he can hear and see!!! The minute the optician put them on he started looking all around. I was quite obvious that he was seeing much better!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring.....a time to blossom

We had a beautiful weekend here in the Northeast and got to spend a great deal of time outdoors. I LOVE this time of year. The time when the world seems to go from black and white to color again. I am so enjoying how the landscape is coming back to life. While Owen was napping, Ella and I walked around our property looking at all the buds on the trees and all the perennials peeking there head back out of the ground.
The plum trees.......
The Cherry tree......
The Hydrangeas.......
The Redbuds......
Yes, I'm quite sure my neighbors were thinking I was nuts as I walked around taking pictures of our trees and bushes! This just makes me SOOO excited!!!
The kids were equally excited to get some much needed outdoor play. For Owen, it meant his first baseball lesson!! Ella, has by now, become a little pro--she's worked real hard last year and can actually hit pretty well now!
All ready with her pink bat and batting helmet
Look at that swing!
Next Ella decided to practice her pitching skills and poor Brian had to wear the pink helmet for his at bat!! He's such a good Barbie playing, pink hat wearing, tea party attending kind of dad!!
LOVE that face!!! I had uploaded a closeup of Owen as well and it somehow disappeared as I was adding text----UGH!!!
Now, it's Owen's turn. Dad is showing him how to hit. He had just woken up from his nap and wasn't quite awake yet when we threw him into the game!
Ella and Owen watch as J takes a swing (notice them holding hands!!!). Luckily for J, Ella didn't make him wear the pink batting helmet!
Enough baseball, on to the other fun backyard driving the car......
or hanging upside down on the swing set.....
climbing UP the slide.....
or just picking Dandelions with your brother or sister :)
Flowers and trees aren't the only things starting to bloom.... so is Owen. I have noticed so many changes in the short week and a half that Owen has joined the hearing world. Right after he was fitted with his hearing aids, I began to notice him making new sounds. In addition to the new sounds, his vocalizations have seemed to change. I can't explain it, he just sounds different. The few words that he was able to repeat now sound just a little bit clearer, and he can now say "dada" as of a couple days ago. He is also understanding a lot more when we talk to him, and is starting to appropriately respond to a couple of verbal commands without cues such as gestures. It can still be quite frustrating, for everyone involved, when we cannot explain things to him and he doesn't understand what is going on. Such as when we need to break from playing outside and go in to eat. It would make things a lot easier on us, especially him, if we could explain that we need to go in for a little while and can come back out later. In a situation like that we get a lot of crying and understandably so. All in time :)
School is still going very well. It is a long day for him, but he really does seem to be enjoying it. He has yet to give me a hard time getting on the bus in the morning....thank God....and gets off the bus in the afternoon smiling. His speech therapist is back from her conference, so speech is in full swing starting this week. I am so excited about that! His speech therapist says he's so much fun to work with and is doing well. Wish I could fast forward six months to take a little peak at how he'll be doing then!
***Fellow bloggers....can someone please tell me why I sometimes can't get my post to publish with the spaces between the paragraphs that I DID put there????? I keep going back and adding then again, and the AGAIN it's publishes without the spaces??????

Monday, April 13, 2009

First Day of School!!!

Dear Owen,

Today was your first day of school. It was a very emotional day for me, full of feelings of all kinds. I cried the entire drive there. I was worried that you would be frightened, I was worried you would think you weren't coming back home, I was worried that the day would be too long for you. But most of all I was overcome by the significance of this day. This day, it was the day I worked so long and hard for. It was the day that represented the culmination of everything I wanted to give you. We gave you a family, we gave you love, and we gave you the comfort of all your basic needs being met. Today was the beginning of new hope. It was the beginning of you receiving all the help you need so that you can reach you fullest potential. It was a silent promise fulfilled....a promise to your birth mother....a promise that I would give you everything I could, a promise that I would not only love you, but get you the help you need to make the most of your life. I would give you the life she couldn't give you, and make her sacrifice worth the pain of letting you go. Now, you have your wings, and I am going to love watching you fly.

Love, Mama

Today our little guy started school. He did GREAT!! I decided it would be best if I drove him there and let him take the bus home. We arrived at the school a little early and were greeted by his teacher. She brought us back to his classroom and Owen immediately began to play with some toys. There are only 4 kids in his class! There is also an aide in the room with the teacher. Looks like he'll be getting a lot of attention!! I was very comforted by the fact that his teacher is also an adoptive mom. I knew he was in good hands and with someone who would be very sensitive to the life Owen lived before we brought him home. What a blessing. In addition to getting a wonderful teacher, he also ended up with Speech Pathologist I was hoping he would have. I heard wonderful things about her and I was really hoping that he'd end up in her caring and knowledgeable hands.

The day seems to have gone pretty smoothly. I received a phone call at lunch time from his teacher saying that he was doing well. Later, when he arrived home, there was a note from her saying that the rest of the day went well and he had a great first day. The only issue he had was that he would not let them take out his hearing aids at nap time! I laughed, thinking what must have been going through his mind. He loves his hearing aids, so I can see him not handing them over to someone he barely knows!

I worried about his bus ride home and couldn't wait for him to get here so that he could see that home was the buses destination! I can't even think about how frightened he probably was not knowing where he was going. I felt terrible that there was no way to communicate to him that he would be going to school, and then later, coming back home. He got off the bus looking a little tired from his long stressful day--nothing a little Easter candy couldn't fix!! He perked up in no time! In his backpack was his notebook, filled with pictures of all the things he did throughout the day. His big smile in the pictures was definitely a comfort :) I am so grateful that we have access to such a wonderful school for him. There are so many hearing impaired children who don't live close enough to a school for the deaf and don't get such an opportunity. I know this is a wonderful place for him :)

All ready to go!

Owen's classroom
He looks very comfortable!
Here comes the bus!
He's home :)

Ella, who decided the house was so quiet she'd just stay in he P.J.'s and relax all day, was very happy to see Little Brother when he finally got home!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Saturday night Owen got to color Easter eggs for the first time. I had bought a "rainbow" egg coloring kit that I thought was pretty cool, and a neat (meaning clean) alternative to the traditional dropping of the eggs into the dye and wait method. The kit came with little bags, in which you placed the eggs, and several colors of dye. With the egg in the bag, you squeezed in several drops of up to three different colors and rub them on the egg---making a rainbow egg. Very "hands on", very pretty,..and did I mention neat? J was not thrilled with this new technique and called it boring. I argued that staring at an egg in a bowl waiting for it to turn just one color...that's boring! Well, the little ones had fun, except Owen didn't like the smell of the dye and was making his OH SO CUTE STINKY FACE!! Owen, who I thought would need a little practice, was a pro starting with his first egg. Ella had fun too. The best part--they were very pretty....and didn't make a mess :)

Owen was very pleased with his treats from the Easter bunny! His favorite thing was a toy camera. He knew just what to do with it and went around the house taking "pictures", leaving his candy behind. Then, while Ella went around the house looking for the eggs the Easter bunny hid, Owen followed taking a "picture" of her with her newly found egg! By the time we were almost done he caught on! We then had a delicious breakfast of Bacon, Onion, and Cheese Fritatta. Owen, of course, ate every scrap of food on his plate. Then came Owen's favorite part of the day...getting dressed. He LOVED his new outfit. It is just too precious how happy he gets every time he wears something new. He went around the house and showed everyone his new cloths and new shoes. He then waited while I dressed Ella. When I was all done getting her ready he decided he'd complete her outfit and preceded to pretend to put hearing aids in her ears!!! How cute is that??? It is the last step in the getting dressed routine, one he was sure not to let her miss!

As we do every Easter we headed to Meme and Poppy's house for dinner. Owen was quite delighted that Poppy was also wearing a button down shirt and a sweater vest! His only problem was that Poppy's top button was open, but he made sure to have him button it so he'd be just like him.

And now for the best part of the day.......GRAM MADE PICKLES!!!!!!!!! For those of you who don't remember, one of Gram's Christmas presents was jars so that she could make pickles. When we were little, Gram always made homemade pickles and we've been asking her for years to make them again. Needless to say, Owen loved them!! My sister and I agreed, they were just as we remembered them :) Thank you Gram!


Egg dying fun!

Fun...pretty...and non mess making
Dad and J joined in

So pretty :)
Checking out the Easter treats
The favorite camera
Finding eggs

Owen, being the photographer
Finally joining in on the egg hunting fun!

The princess and the prince :)

All six of us in the car together for the first time and really feeling the need to give in and get the mini van!!

Dad and J with Aunt Ali
Gram :)
Beautiful B
Barking Brody!!
Owen leading Meme around the house
B and the little cutie dog
Poppy and Owen
Poppy, Owen, and Ella
Owen checkin' out how Meme set the table
New family photo :)
Ella and Owen pose with their Great Grandmother
Ella LOVES her big brother!! The feeling is mutual!

Dinner time!!
Eating one of Gram's pickles
He even tried Artichoke!
Dessert....yum! Meme makes good cakes!
Owen making Poppy button his shirt!