Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Saturday night Owen got to color Easter eggs for the first time. I had bought a "rainbow" egg coloring kit that I thought was pretty cool, and a neat (meaning clean) alternative to the traditional dropping of the eggs into the dye and wait method. The kit came with little bags, in which you placed the eggs, and several colors of dye. With the egg in the bag, you squeezed in several drops of up to three different colors and rub them on the egg---making a rainbow egg. Very "hands on", very pretty,..and did I mention neat? J was not thrilled with this new technique and called it boring. I argued that staring at an egg in a bowl waiting for it to turn just one color...that's boring! Well, the little ones had fun, except Owen didn't like the smell of the dye and was making his OH SO CUTE STINKY FACE!! Owen, who I thought would need a little practice, was a pro starting with his first egg. Ella had fun too. The best part--they were very pretty....and didn't make a mess :)

Owen was very pleased with his treats from the Easter bunny! His favorite thing was a toy camera. He knew just what to do with it and went around the house taking "pictures", leaving his candy behind. Then, while Ella went around the house looking for the eggs the Easter bunny hid, Owen followed taking a "picture" of her with her newly found egg! By the time we were almost done he caught on! We then had a delicious breakfast of Bacon, Onion, and Cheese Fritatta. Owen, of course, ate every scrap of food on his plate. Then came Owen's favorite part of the day...getting dressed. He LOVED his new outfit. It is just too precious how happy he gets every time he wears something new. He went around the house and showed everyone his new cloths and new shoes. He then waited while I dressed Ella. When I was all done getting her ready he decided he'd complete her outfit and preceded to pretend to put hearing aids in her ears!!! How cute is that??? It is the last step in the getting dressed routine, one he was sure not to let her miss!

As we do every Easter we headed to Meme and Poppy's house for dinner. Owen was quite delighted that Poppy was also wearing a button down shirt and a sweater vest! His only problem was that Poppy's top button was open, but he made sure to have him button it so he'd be just like him.

And now for the best part of the day.......GRAM MADE PICKLES!!!!!!!!! For those of you who don't remember, one of Gram's Christmas presents was jars so that she could make pickles. When we were little, Gram always made homemade pickles and we've been asking her for years to make them again. Needless to say, Owen loved them!! My sister and I agreed, they were just as we remembered them :) Thank you Gram!


Egg dying fun!

Fun...pretty...and non mess making
Dad and J joined in

So pretty :)
Checking out the Easter treats
The favorite camera
Finding eggs

Owen, being the photographer
Finally joining in on the egg hunting fun!

The princess and the prince :)

All six of us in the car together for the first time and really feeling the need to give in and get the mini van!!

Dad and J with Aunt Ali
Gram :)
Beautiful B
Barking Brody!!
Owen leading Meme around the house
B and the little cutie dog
Poppy and Owen
Poppy, Owen, and Ella
Owen checkin' out how Meme set the table
New family photo :)
Ella and Owen pose with their Great Grandmother
Ella LOVES her big brother!! The feeling is mutual!

Dinner time!!
Eating one of Gram's pickles
He even tried Artichoke!
Dessert....yum! Meme makes good cakes!
Owen making Poppy button his shirt!

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Anonymous said...

I love the new family picture!!! How I miss dressing my boys for Easter. Owen looked adorable!!!!