Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

We started Easter morning with Easter baskets and an egg hunt. Ella was so excited. We then had a breakfast of "Basil Breakfast Strata" which I prepared the night before and baked that morning. Then it was off to church where we saw many friends and neighbors. From there we went to Meme and Poppy's house for Easter dinner. As always, there was more food then we could eat! Everything was delicious, Mom. My sister hung "Wen's" picture on the china closet so he could "join us" for dinner! He was present in our thoughts and hearts. Ella spontaneously talked about her little brother all day. At one point we were all sitting around the dinner table talking about something completely different when Ella turns to Brianna and says "my yittle brofer has no Mom and Dad, we have to be his brother and sister". It is just so adorable how he is always on her mind. Next year he'll have a seat at the dinner table right next to his big sister.

We pose for a family photo

Brianna, Jason, and Ella

Ella Bella and Mommy

Ella didn't already have enough chocolate and sugar, so Gram had to give her a very big lollipop!

Getting Ready for Easter

On Friday and Saturday we got ready for Easter. Friday we colored our "princess eggs". Saturday we made yummy desserts for Easter dinner at Meme and Poppy's house. We made a "Funfetti" cake (the kids favorite) and Coconut Blueberry Cake (thanks for the recipe Joanne!).

On Friday we colored our Easter Eggs

Daddy must have said something really funny!!

On Saturday me and my baking buddies made cakes to bring to Meme and Poppy's house for dessert

Ella helps mix the batter while Jason supervises

Friday, March 14, 2008

Special Gifts From Special Friends

Today we recieved gifts from "Wen's" friends Meaghan and Mia and their families in honor of his birthday. Such a thoughtful surprise! Meg gave him two tee shirts, one with the name of his province on it, and another that says "Little Prince". They are printed in both Chinese and English. Mia gave him a super cuddly blue teddy bear. What a lucky little boy to have such good friends already! Thank you Michelle and Joanne for your thoughtfulness!

Happy Birthday "Wen"

Sweet Little Boy,

Today is your Birthday. I celebrate your birth, but I am so sad that you are so far away. I wish you could know how different things will be next year. How much you will be loved and how we will honor the day that you were born. You have been in my thoughts all day long, next year you will be in my arms.

With Love,
Your Mother

Happy Birthday Jason

Today is Jason's 12th birthday. He finally got the drum set he's been asking for! Hope I don't regret getting it. I have the Tylenol all ready!

Jason, we hope you enjoyed your birthday. We love you so much and are so proud of the person you have become. You are a wonderful son and the best brother in the whole world. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our first Home Study Appointment

Today was our first appointment with our social worker, Leslie. I was a little nervous prior to Leslie's arrival, but quickly became at ease once I saw how friendly and non-threatening she was! Things went well. We spent four hours together and covered a lot of ground. The time actually went very quickly. We'll meet a couple more times over the next three weeks. Hopefully Leslie can get through writing our home study quickly. Leslie, if you read this, we can't wait to get our little guy home, please hurry!

We have received our first adoption documents, hooray! Mine and Brian's birth certificates arrived this week. We also got his employment letter, but they spelled him name wrong! They're sending another ASAP. Also, this morning I completed my physical. Brian will have his physical next week. I guess we've made a lot of progress considering I really only started the paper chase about three weeks ago. Of course, things aren't moving fast enough for me!

Congratulations Brianna!!!

Brianna, our older daughter, is a freshman in High School. She tried out for and last night found out that she made the JV Softball team. We are so proud of her. Brianna, you've worked so hard. Your hard work, determination, and confidence in yourself has surely paid off. We are so proud of you. Good Luck in the 2008 season!