Friday, March 14, 2008

Special Gifts From Special Friends

Today we recieved gifts from "Wen's" friends Meaghan and Mia and their families in honor of his birthday. Such a thoughtful surprise! Meg gave him two tee shirts, one with the name of his province on it, and another that says "Little Prince". They are printed in both Chinese and English. Mia gave him a super cuddly blue teddy bear. What a lucky little boy to have such good friends already! Thank you Michelle and Joanne for your thoughtfulness!


Joanne said...

You are so welcome ~ of course Mia had to pick a soft and cuddly present ~ you know how she loves to feel fabrics!!
Oh the fun our little ones will have together :)

Michelle said...

It is only the much to share. We look forward to the day the girls can give Wen his presents directly.