Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our first Home Study Appointment

Today was our first appointment with our social worker, Leslie. I was a little nervous prior to Leslie's arrival, but quickly became at ease once I saw how friendly and non-threatening she was! Things went well. We spent four hours together and covered a lot of ground. The time actually went very quickly. We'll meet a couple more times over the next three weeks. Hopefully Leslie can get through writing our home study quickly. Leslie, if you read this, we can't wait to get our little guy home, please hurry!

We have received our first adoption documents, hooray! Mine and Brian's birth certificates arrived this week. We also got his employment letter, but they spelled him name wrong! They're sending another ASAP. Also, this morning I completed my physical. Brian will have his physical next week. I guess we've made a lot of progress considering I really only started the paper chase about three weeks ago. Of course, things aren't moving fast enough for me!


Joanne said...

Another check(s) on the list! The way you are moving Wen will be home before we know it!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are making great progress. Glad your homestudy went well yesterday!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeh, one step closer! Here we all wait and experience that connection that ties us whether near or far. What connection does Wen have with all of us who will come to know him? We love him already.

Tamara said...

I hope your paperchase goes quickly and you are DTC soon. I was so relieved to get those papers to China.
Wishing you a Speedy paperchase