Friday, April 3, 2009

A Little Bit of This......A Little Bit of That

Well, life around here, it's been a little CRAZY!!! I think, I THINK, things will calm down soon. Then again, I feel like I've spent my life saying "things will calm down when.......", only to find that they never really do!
Things continue to progress in a positive way. Owen should be sporting his new hearing aids this week. He will also be sporting some new glasses! He was seen by an Opthomologist this past week and it seems that I was right about his vision not being so good! He's pretty nearsighted. I'm waiting to him to have his hearing aids so that we can see which frames work well with them. As indecisive as I usually am, I think I already know which frames we'll go with as long as they fit nicely with his HA's. Of course I will be taking Brian with me for his opinion, just in case I'm not making the right decision. It never hurts to have a second opinion on things such as these. In the case of the poor sales people who must suffer through my indecisiveness, it DOES hurt them for me not to have someone with me for a second opinion! I am usually kind enough to warn them ahead of time just how long it will probably take me to finally make up my mind. My decisions are ALWAYS very well thought out, and well, that just takes a long time!
Owen is all set up to start school on April 13th!! I'm excited, nervous, and sad all at the same time. What a new world it will be for him. He'll be able to hear, see, and be getting the help he needs. I am so excited for him!! I just know he's going to do great! I am sure he is going to love school. He loves structure, routine, and having "something to do". I do worry about his fears the first couple of days, but I know that he will adjust quickly.
We've made huge strides on the animal front. We went to Sophia's birthday party at an animal farm and he liked all the animals! I was shocked! I had actually considered not taking him to the party, because judging by the "panda incident", I didn't think that goats and cows would go over too well! Ella loves it there, and I didn't want to ruin it for her. But, the way things worked out I had no choice but to bring him and hope for the best. He was very excited to see all the animals, bottle fed the goats, hand feed a few animals, and even went on a pony ride! That was much better than the screaming I thought would be going on! Needless to say, Ella had a wonderful time too!
Here are some pictures of a little bit of this...and a little bit of that...
Kisses for Big Sister...Owen LOVES Brianna!
Ben, joining Ella and Owen for some cantaloupe. Ben LOVES cantaloupe and at this point had already had two bowls!
I guess he was full because when we got back home later this is how we found him. We just love this cutie cat. He is so full of personality!
This is Zeus. He is almost 16 years old now. We adopted him, along with his brother Apollo who we lost when he was only 7 to an aggressive cancer. Zeus spent most of his life being a "scaredy cat". In his kitten days he spent a lot of time hiding under our bed and until recently wouldn't venture down from the second floor. Well, I guess he's either loosing his mind, or he's old and just doesn't care anymore, because here he is laying on the rug by the front door. He's been coming down more and more. Even Ella is amazed when she seems him downstairs! He is also Ella's favorite. The other day she told Ben "I love you Ben, but.....I love Zeus more". At least she's honest! She does have every right to love him more though. He sleeps with her EVERY night, most times right on his pillow. That old guy loves that little girl!

The little helpers carry the groceries into the kitchen. Of course this was all Wen's idea!
He sure does LOVE to be a helper
And he inspires other, usually not so hard working, family members to help too!

He tried REALLY hard to bring in the water too!
Today at Sophia's birthday party, Owen was loving Uncle Angelo!
Meeting the Easter Bunny for the first time!
The cute little baby goat. Ella was still talking about his cuteness on the drive home!

Pony ride time!
Owen's first pony ride. As for me, I stood at the fence shocked that he got on!
Who would'a thought!
Loving up the Birthday Girl!
How cute is the birthday hat on the bunny???
The favorite part of the party....bottle feeding the goats

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