Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Living in a Dream

I am seriously starting to wonder if the last couple of days are a dream. I can't believe how unbelievably well things are going with Wen. I asked Brian today "Do you think this is just too good to be true? Do you think we'll wake up tomorrow and he will have changed?" I can honestly say that there is not one thing I'd change about how things are going. It boggles my mind that this little boy has know us for just 48 hours and yet is so comfortable with us. He is really loving his Dad. He copies everything he does! They brush their teeth together and do their hair together. When we got off the elevator this morning Brian went back up to get something we forgot. Wen was desperately looking around for him! At breakfast this morning Brian got a cup of juice and Wen insisted on having one too. He then proceeded to hold the cup just like Brian and in the same hand, take a sip when he did, and put it down on the table when he did. When Brian got up to go get some more food, Wen called him (a simple loud vocalization), and then waved him back to the table and patted the seat! He is just too darn cute. He does like me too and he will hold my hand, let me feed him, take him to the bathroom, change him, and play, but he's favoring his dad just a little I think! He amazes us all day with how smart he is. Without a saying a single word he effectively communicates his every want and need. It's funny because had he not been hearing impaired and was talking we'd be having a harder time communicating. But because he's always had to rely on other means of communication, and has become so proficient at it, we have no problem at all! His cold seems a little better today. I did start him on the Zithromax we brought last night. The mucous coming from his nose has been very green and he sounds like he has some congestion in his chest. I was worried about flying with him Saturday to Guangzhou so I started the antibiotics. For those of you who know me, I am not quick to jump into meds, but really felt it was a good idea this time. He's been sleeping GREAT! He does seem to be grieving a little bit at bedtime and gets a little sad. He takes a two hour nap in the afternoon and sleeps through the night from 8-6. He is completely potty trained and has stayed dry through the night. Really, could this kid be for real???? We are so incredibly blessed. We just keep looking at each other completely amazed! I can't wait to get him home, get a good set of hearing aids in his ears, and get some speech therapy started. I'm sure he's just going to take off once he's getting the help he needs. He hasn't been responding to sound all that much and I was starting to think that maybe his hearing is worse that I was originally thinking. His vocalizations sound very much like those of a severely hearing impaired person. Then last night I put in a Ses. Street DVD which is one of those sing-a-long types. As soon as the music came on he began to dance. So he's obviously hearing something. I shared with a couple of you a dream I once had. Every once in a while God sends me these dreams. When I awake from them there is no doubt in my mind that they have meaning. In this dream, Wen was with Brian. Almost like he had gone to China to get him without me. I approached Wen from behind and could immediately tell that he was not completely deaf because he responded to my voice. When he turned around, he had no mouth. I took my finger and touched his face where his mouth would be and his mouth appeared and opened. The next day when I remembered this dream I was flooded with emotion and immediately knew that this was "one of those dreams". I told Brian about my dream and told him that I think that God was trying to tell me that Wen was not completely deaf, but he could not speak, and that my finger opening his mouth symbolized that I would be giving him the ability to speak. I guess it was "one of those dreams".

Some cute things about Owen:
*Everytime we leave the room he stuffs his pockets with toys, gets his coat and backpack, and then takes our hands and brings us to our coats
*He's very good at cleaning up and remembers where things go. Maybe he will teach the other kids how to do this!
*Last night at dinner I put his jacket and backpack on and he then went over to the chair got my coat and handed it to me!
*He knows how to press the elevator button, and when the doors open he quickly enters and stands like a little soldier toward the back. If the doors open before it's our floor to get off and he see's Brian and I aren't moving, he waves the other people waiting into the elevator!
*He's very social and loves to smile and wave at people
*This morning while on a video call with Brianna I was pointing to the computer and telling him "B". He jumped off my lap, ran over to get picture pillow we had sent to the orphanage, jumped back on my lap and pointed to Brianna on the pillow! Smart little guy!

We spent the morning at the Nanjing Museum. Nanjing is so rich in history and culture. We are really lucky to be spending our time in province here. The museum is the third largest museum in China and houses over 420,000 antiques. When I say antiques, I mean antiques! Some of the things we saw today dated back 7000 years!!! I hope you enjoy today pictures :)

***B, J, and El: B and J- you would have loved the museum today. There is so much history here. We did pick up some gifts for you! El-we bought you another surprise today! We love you guys-only 8 more days until you meet "little brother"!
All ready with his jacket and his backpack!
The Nanjing city gate (one of them!)
In front of the museum
Tomb of Early Liangzhu Culture- 3000 B.C
This tomb was unearthed in 1990. It is the largest in Zhaolingshan Tomb site so far. There were approximately 60 burial accessories found in it including jade, stone, earthenware, and ivory. It is thought to be a tomb of a young male who was probably the head of a tribe.
Rain Flower Stones-called such because the people believed that flowers rained from the heavens and turned to stone
Jade bracelets
Laquer- China was the first country to use laquering techniques. About 7000 years ago, wood products coated in laquer and pottery decorated in laquer first appeared. In the Shang and Zhou Dynasties Laquer was a luxury of the noble. By the Ming and Qing dynasties, laquer techniques became a nationwide handicraft industry and various laquering centers were established.
Breathtaking beauty and detail in design
A "Cloud Brocade" emperor's robe. "Cloud Brocade" is specific to Nanjing.
Of all the ancient drapery, brocade represents the highest techniques. Incorporating weaving techniques of all dynasties, Yun Brocade of Nanjing is called "Cloud Brocade" in Chinese. The Chinese name derives from the omniform patterns which are as beautiful as rosy clouds. It is also said that the name originates in the cloud-patterns which often appear in the brocade. As the quintessence of Chinese weaving techniques, Yun Brocade of Nanjing comes first among the three types of celebrated brocade in ancient times (the other two are Song Brocade and Shu Brocade). As a traditional type of figured brocade in Chinese brocade, Yun Brocade of Nanjing is praised as "One of Unique Chinese Techniques", and "Treasure of the World".
Figured Brocade of Nanjing originated in the Kingdom of Wu in the 3rd century. As a government agency on the national level, Brocade Office was established to regulate brocade production and distribution in 417, the 13th year during the Period of Yixi in the late Eastern Jin Dynasty. The office was also called "Douchang Brocade Office" because it was located beside Douchang Temple on the bank of Qinhuai River in the southeast of the capital. Here is one of the major characteristics of Yun Brocade. Specifically, as one of the "hundred schools of handcraft", brocade craftsmen in the Later Qin Dynasty inherited the traditional brocade techniques in the Western and Eastern Han Dynasties, the Kingdom of Wei (ruled by Cao Cao and his descendants), the Western Jin Dynasty, and even the early Period of Sixteen Kingdoms. In the early Period of Sixteen Kingdoms, in particular, ethnic rulers were especially fond of gold-wefted brocade. Therefore, experts generally believed that Yun Brocade of Nanjing was formally born in 417 when Brocade Office was officially established in Jiankang (contemporary Nanjing) in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Accordingly, Yun Brocade of Nanjing embraces a long history of over 1580 years. When the production of Yun Brocade was at its peak, there were over 30,000 weaving machines, as well as nearly 300,000 people engaged in it or in related industries. It was the largest handicraft industry in synchronous Nanjing. At the museum there is a loom and two women demonstrate how it is made. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures of the loom. It was incredible, and complex. The finished products are beautiful. We did buy a framed piece to bring home, and also one for Wen's room.
An example of one of the many porcelin pieces on display.
You can not tell from this picture, but the decoration on this pot is actually Chinese charaters symbolizing longevity. It was a gift to the emperor. There are 10,000 characters painted on this pot!
In China, being it's an agricultural country, the pig symbolizes wealth. These earthenware pigs are 7000 years old!!!!!!!!
Earthenware vase
Man playing Xiao on Bent Knees- AD 25-220
Tripod with Ogre-mask design Food Vessel 1600-1100BC. Unearthed in the Dacun Reservoir in Lianyungang, Jiangsu, the city where Wen is from
The groovy van that takes us around town! Check out my new purple bag I bought at the silk factory :)
Sights of the city


Smith Family Rocks said...

Yay!!!It sounds like you are all doing well. We are so happy for your family. He is an adorable little boy and so very lucky to have such great parents. Cant remember if we meet again in our trip. I'm sure we will keep in touch via email. God bless you all
Jim, Rebecca, Aaron, and Aubrey Chen

Jodee Leader said...

It sounds like Owen is a dream come true! He is such a trooper!

Joanne said...

And what a dream it is! I think Wen's nannies really prepared him well for his new family, and it seems like he was really cared for and loved. He sounds like he has the cutest personality ever!! I love that he waves the people into the elevator :)

I love that you can really see how your dream/"He" was telling you of things to be ~

Michelle said...

Blessed - it is the word I keep coming back to. You are all truly blessed! Wen is blessed to have you and Brian, B, J and El, and I always knew you would be blessed to have him. I have the feeling we will all be blessed to have Owen in our lives! He is a very special little boy! I am so happy you are finding time to post and document such wonderful details. You will all be so thankful you did. Many blessings. I look forward to seeing you very soon!

Andrea said...

I am so glad that you are posting these pics.
I have really enjoyed them.
he is so precious. can't wait until you find out how much he can hear? Amazing.


Andy said...

Thanks for sharing all that historical information!!

Anonymous said...

Liam & Jack really got a kick out of Owen's pictures. They said the same thing everyone else is saying (how happy and cute he is). Again, we are all really excited and cannot wait to meet Owen. By the way, love the groovy van.

Heidi and Jason said...

Hey guys! We are so happy that things are going so well! Tai sounds exactly like Wen, following his daddy's every move. We can't wait to see the two of them play together. We are having a blast here in Nanchang, but are excited to see our American friends in Guangzou!!! Heidi and Jason and Tai