Friday, February 13, 2009

Hello from Beijing!

We made it to Beijing!! After a very bouncy take off and then a relatively smooth, but loooong flight we made it to Beijing at about 3:00---P.M on Friday here, A.M back home. The flight was good. We had free on demand movies and they fed us three times! The man sitting next to us moved his seat, so we lucked out and had a seat in between us to strech out a little. Neither of us got much sleep. We're going to go out now and stock up on some bottled water and try to stay up a little longer so we're not up at 2 AM. We meet tomorrow morning for some touring and I'll try to post pictures after that.

B, J, and El--We hope you had a good first night. Ella, did Brody sleep with you? We love you!!


Michelle said...

OK, not sure why your post is making me cry - just so happy you're there! Only 3 days until Wen is in your arms! Here's hoping our flight today is as smooth as yours was yesterday. Have a great time touring Beijing. We love you!!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Yea Melissa,
So glad to hear that you arrived safely. Cant wait to hear about your adventures today.
*Not sure if my first post made it.

Joanne said...

Hello from NY! So glad you had a safe flight ~ cannot wait to see pictures! Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

As I wrote in my email to you we had a good night.

We watch your plan on the flight path compliments of Continental Airlines. When we went to bed you were over Russia.

Ella spontaneously said, "Good night "Mamma and Daddy" !

Body did bother anyone but is sure happy this morning to see his favorite people!

Love you guys,

The Shea Family said...

Congratulations on your journey. I am an FCC member, just following along! I was wondering what orphanage your son is from. I was just in Jiangsu, in Nov 08, receiving my son. I wonder if they are from the same orphanage and if they would know ea other. My son is 8 yrs old and from Suzhou, Jiangsu.
Have a wonderful journey, it is definitely a wonderful experience. God Bless, safe travels and hopes for an easy transition for Owen.

Andrea said...

Have a great time!


Anonymous said...

How exciting!!!!!! Enjoy your tour & take tons of pictures.

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

ACK! You're in Beijing!!!! Now, get ready... you WILL be up at 2 AM no matter what. But you'll be ok. :) I'm praying for you guys!! Can't wait to hear that you met your SWEET LITTLE MAN!!!

Love you bunches!

Dana said...

Hey Melis and Brian---Just following along on your journey! Hope all is well and we love you. Dana and the Berrittos