Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here We Go!!

In just a little over 12 hours we will be boarding a plane to travel to the other side of the world to meet our new son. I can't even begin to express the mix of emotions I am feeling tonight! Thank you to all of you who have called,or sent emails over the last few days. Some of you I didn't have the chance to get back to, but know that your good wishes are greatly appreciated! It's so nice knowing how excited everyone is for us. Please keep us in your prayers for our safe travel, our health, and a smooth transition for Wen. I know that the emotions I am feeling tonight pale in comparison to those Wen will be feeling on Monday. I hope he finds trust and love in our eyes and our smiles, and I pray that God's gives us the intuition to know how to comfort him.

A couple of pictures before I go. A few of you have asked me to post pictures of Owen's room. It's pretty simple right now. I really didn't want to decorate it until I got to know him and what he likes.

Well, see ya in Beijing!


sandy said...

Good Luck & Safe Travels! Enjoy every special moment!!!

Joanne said...

Owen's room is perfect! Love the bedspread, the color, his letters above his bed. You did good :)
I put the travel magnadoodle in your mailbox last night (better late than never!), but I heard you'd already found one...
We have you all in our prayers, enjoy every moment ~ thinking of you :)

Andrea said...

You are gonna have some fun, girl.
can't wait to follow your trip.
Drink lots of water on the flight.