Friday, February 20, 2009

Here Comes the Sun!

Finally, a sunny day in Nanjing!! We had a great day touring today!

Last night with Wen went pretty much the same as the night before. He's pretty easy going and is basically happy as long as he naps and eats! I had mentioned that when we first met him we initially thought that he may have a problem with his eyes because he was holding things very close to his face when he looked at them. He really hasn't done that since. I think we'll have it checked out anyway, but we not really too concerned about that any more. We were also concerned about his gross motor skills when we first met him. He seemed to be a little unsteady on his feet. We have now figured out that it was probably because he couldn't bend his knees with all the layers on pants he had on! His walking seems to be fine too. Again, last night he didn't want anything to do with the crib. For those of you who know us, all of our children have always ended up in our bed, so it's really not something we mind! We layed him down on the bed in between us and he stayed there for a couple of minutes......then he climbed right on top of Brian, put his head on his chest and fell asleep! Just too cute! He did come over to me again last night, look at me, and say "mama" so at least I'm getting a little attention! He also asked me to carry him at one point today instead of Brian (poor Brian was lugging him around all day! We finally went and bought a stroller because we knew that he would need to nap while we were out today--he's still sleeping in it as I write!) The only problem we may face when we get home is feeding him. He LOVES his Chinese food! He has rejected every American food we have offered him without even taking a bite! And...we're gonna have to get some chopsticks! Today at lunch he refused to use a spoon to eat his dumplings (all 6 of them!) and instead used chopsticks! He did quite well with them. I finally slept better last night, only waking up twice! I was also able to stay up last night until about 10:30--wooohoooo! Needless to say I felt better today than I have the entire trip.

Today we had an absolutely wonderful day of touring. The sun was out and it was a little bit warmer because of it. We visited Ming Tomb Park, Dr. Sun Yet-sen's Mausoleum, Dr.Sun Yet-sen's office, and the Old City Town area. Ming Tomb Park is where the first emperor of the Ming dynasty is burried. It just happens to be the Plum Festival here so there was a lot of celebration going on at the park. It was extrodinarly beautiful there. I don't know if I've ever seen so much beauty in one place. The pictures will speak for themselves.

From there we went to Dr. Sun's tomb. It was atop 392 steps which represent the 392 million people in China in the 1920's. The mausoleum was built from 1926-1929. It is constructed with 8 platforms. There are three doors at the entrance. The middle door is only for very important people, and has only been opened three times. Looking from the bottom you cannot see the platforms. Once you get to the top, and look down you only see the platforms and not the steps. The view from the top is breathtaking! When you are walking back out of the mosuleum you cannot see the first platform from inside the building and all you see in haze. It looks like you are going to walk right out into the sky!

Next we went to the Old City Town. In the middle of the town is a Confusious temple. All around it are streets of stores and alleys with small storefronts. It was very crowded and busy. We did make one purchase there-some rain flower stones. Our guide told us that we probably couldn't get them anywhere else.

Tomorrow we leave for Guangzhou! The last leg of this trip. We have really enjoyed our time here in Nanjing, but look forward to having the company of a travel group in Guanghzou! We also look forward to being able to get some St*rbucks! There isn't one anywhere around our hotel here in Nanjing.

Thank you to everyone who is leaving comments, and emailing us. We love you read your comments. Please keep them coming! I've been spending most of Wen's daily nap blogging and like to know you're all reading and enjoying!!

*B, J, and El-we must have walked 10 miles today! Poor dad had to carry Owen about 7 of those 10! B and J-Make sure you get rested over the weekend for back to school on Monday! J- I hope you feel better today :) El- We took a picture of a sign for Disney Princess on Ice in Chinese! Only 6 more days until "little brother" comes home!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello again. I feel the same way I did when Michelle and Mike were in China with a stalker. Since I just looked at their pictures from Disney, you can count on my obsession continuing when you get home too. Your blog is the first thing I check in the morning. I love it and I am amazed at how well Owen is doing in such a short period of time. XXOO

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Who would have thought there would be such an attachment to Brian... I think that is wonderful! The countryside there is breathtaking, it must be amazing to be surrounded by it all. Too funny about the chopsticks, Wen seems like he has some little personality and I can NOT wait to meet that little man.. Have a safe flight back to Guanzhou and starbucks..


sandy said...

Love seeing all your great pictures and following on your great adventure to bring home your son owen. Looks like he is adjusting so great to you both!! Thanks for letting me share in this happy time on your life.

Anonymous said...

You are giving us some history lesson!!!! Beautiful pictures to savor.

I'll look for chopsticks as we have many. I'll bring them with me on Saturday to the house.

Costco sells "Potstickers" which are like dumplings. I remember Bri and Jason loving them. We will have to check ingredients!

Love, Mom

Joanne said...

What gorgeous pictures of Owen's province ~ he will love to look back on these one day :)
Love that Wen is a daddy's boy ~ it sounds like he is melting Brian's heart! I will make copies of all my Chinese recipes...hopefully Owen will think they are up to parr!!

Joanne said...

What gorgeous pictures of Owen's province ~ he will love to look back on these one day :)
Love that Wen is a daddy's boy ~ it sounds like he is melting Brian's heart! I will make copies of all my Chinese recipes...hopefully Owen will think they are up to parr!!

Anonymous said...

Just wait until Owen discovers pizza & french fries!!!! No fork or chopsticks required. Glad to hear you had a sunny day. It does make sight-seeing much easier. I always loved oriental landscapes and gardening. The pictures I'm sure to not even hold a candle to what you and Brian are experiencing.

Andrea said...

Great pictures. You guys look like you are having a wonderful trip.


Rebecca said...

Owen was very attached to his daddy when we were in China, too... once we got home and daddy went back to work, he started attaching to me much better. :) And TOO FUNNY that your Owen only wants chopsticks. Our Owen had no clue what do to with them... but he was quite adept with a fork and spoon!! (Oh, and he loved American food... we got him a happy meal at McD's and he chowed down!! Don't tell me that Wen won't eat a cheeseburger and fries???) :)

I have so enjoyed reading your updates and am THRILLED at how well everything is going. What a wonderful blessing!! I know you're probably getting anxious to get home, too, and have your family all together at last. If it's any consolation, the plane ride home felt shorter than the plane ride over!


Michelle said...

We just arrived home a few minutes ago and I logged on immediately to check your last day in Nanjing. As I type, you are probably en route to Guangzhou! I have to tell you, as we were descending I pictured you in less than a week, doing the same descent, bringing Owen HOME, returning to Bri, El and J and beginning life as a family of 6! I am so happy you had a little sunshine -- it can make a world of difference. Make sure to pick up chopsticks in Guangzhou:) Lots of love! XOXO

David and Sarah said...

You have a beautiful boy there! Sounds like he is doing very well! Thank you, Jesus!

Waiting For Bella said...

Hello. I have enjoyed following your journey to Owen. We are awaiting our referral and can't wait to make the trip. Your blog is great. I love all the photos!! Safe Travel and God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa,
I am LOVING your blog and pics. I check in every day. Melanie and Logan are learing about China right now in school and I will be sending your blog address in to their teachers. Aside from the fact that you are sharing your personal parenting journey with us, we are getting such wonderful history lessons of a place I could only dream of going to. Be safe and know that the O'Hoppes are thinking of all of you. -Angela