Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goodbye Guangzhou, Goodbye China

It's our last full day in China. We head out early tomorrow morning for our long day of travel.

Yesterday afternoon we had our traditional "red couch" photos. It's a tradition to have pictures taken on the red couch in the lobby of the White Swan hotel. Wen wasn't in the best mood considering we had to wake him up from his nap. He definitely wasn't his usual smiley self, but still the pictures came out pretty nice.

Last night we attempted to eat some authentic Chinese. We stopped at two local restaurants, but after reviewing their menu decided that we really didn't need to eat Chinese. If I had been in the mood for some fried frog, sliced swan meat, or maybe a little ostrich kidney it would have been fine to eat there. I was way too hungry after not eating lunch and there was just no way I'd be able to get enough steamed pigeon in me to make me full! We then decided we'd try the German restaurant, but they were having a party there and were not seating for dinner. Much to my luck.......La Dolce Vita is right next door to the German restaurant and that's were we ended up. AAHHHH.......happiness. Again we had a very delicious meal. Actually I think it was probably better than any local restaurant we have home! A little Pizza Caprese (mmmmm), and two more wonderful pasta dishes (and of course a nice bottle of red wine) were on last night's menu. Of course we went through a couple of baskets of bread as well. Marianna, you would be very happy there. If you knew how good the food was I think you would even muster up enough courage to get yourself on a plane to China! We again worked on getting Wen to convert over to the Chinese-Italian he now is. A little olive oil and balsamic vinegar....he actually asked me to put in on his plate! Then the bread dipping began. Yes, we will be able to go out to eat when we get home!

We spent part of the morning packing and then headed over to the park. Wen had a great time! Again the local women were "mothering" him. I told Brian that if any of the Chinese women on the plane ride home offer to feed/entertain/take care of him DO NOT SAY NO!!! I'm sure they'll give him back once we land! Yes, I am dreading the long flight home. This is the part of the trip I was always worried about the most. So I am once again asking for your prayers-lots of them- for a safe, easy, and otherwise uneventful journey home. Please:)

Again, I want to thank all of you who have been so interested in following our journey. Your comments, emails, and facebook messages mean more to me than you know. Wen has so many wonderful people to meet when we get home :) You have all been so supportive over this past year while we worked so hard to get Wen home.

I also want to thank my mom and my sister who took such good care of our other three kids while we were here in China. We couldn't have done this without you :) Thank you.

Meaghan Grace and Mia Hope your provided the inspiration for us to follow our hearts and bring your new friend home. We can't wait to see the "three dimples" all together! I can't wait to see if Paige will be the fourth "dimple"!

My husband, who trusted me enough to make this happen...thank you, I love you.

*B, J, and El---just one more day! I miss you guys so much it hurts. We love you and can't wait for you to meet your new brother :) You guys are going to be the best big brother and big sisters he could ever have. He is one lucky boy that you will be his family and one day he will know just how much you all wanted him to be your brother.
Mom and Dad

P.S- Mom-I think maybe you should take the Panda rocker out of Owen's room! We can't have him be afraid of walking into his new room!

Red Couch picture
Wen wants Tai's hat

Wen gets Tai's hat and is very happy!
Tai runs away! His mom and dad better be careful, I just may be sneaking him into my suitcase and taking him home!

Travel group (the two other GW families left Tuesday)
Wen was determined to ride on the little car with this big stuffed animal. He tried, and tried, and tried to sit on it with him. Then Tai's dad put him on Wen's shoulders---he was very happy to have a solution!
MMMMM.......some great bread dipped in a little olive oil and balsamic....who wouldn't like that???
Doesn't he look so cute in his new hat???
LOVE the personalized jersey - thanks Laura!

A local little boy and his grandmother
Yep, another women feeling the need to take care of Wen. She thought his hat was too big and decided to adjust it

Every adoptive mom just has to take this picture


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Safe home....

Michelle said...

Yes, it is time to bring you all home:) Meaghan Grace and her family MISS YOU! I will be sure your mother takes that awful rocker out of his room (I actually mentioned it when we were visiting on Saturday). Who would buy such a thing:) You have taken such beautiful photos of Owen in China -- I know he will treasure them forever. You are always in my prayers. We pray today for safe and uneventful travels:) Take one final deep breath in China. I promise you, without your knowledge this country has seeped into your heart so deeply. It will forever be a part of you. Only one more day! XOXO

Joanne said...

You are all in my prayers for safe travel home ~ we are all looking so forward to seeing you all home and together as a family :)
BTW, I am so touched by your comment that I am a bit teary eyed... Wen was just meant to be with you all ~ our journeys were all meant to be and pretty amazing!!
Love you guys!

sandy said...

Have a safe trip home and enjoy you last moments in china!!!

dana said...

I dont know what Im going to read every morning anymore?! Ive enjoyed waking up to your blog every morning! Please get home safely---we cant wait to meet Owen in person!

Andrea said...

Man! I know you are ready to get home but I am lovin' these pictures.


Andy said...

I have enjoyed following your journey. We leave tomorrow to pick up our daughter in Guangxi and can't wait. Good luck on your flights home.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post.. You did it! Hurry up and bring that little guy home for all of us to meet!!!!!!
Safe home,

Anonymous said...

you are in our prayers. safe trip home>


Rebecca said...

Safe journey home!! :)

I thought this was funny - we saw that little boy and his grandmother at the park, too. :) He was wearing little split pants!