Monday, February 16, 2009

Adoption Day

Today was the day that our adoption of Wen became official. We started the day out at the breakfast buffet in the hotel before heading out to the Civil Affairs office to finalize the adoption. At breakfast Wen ate a wide variety of foods and a lot of them! He had a whole fried egg, a whole banana, a bowl of congee, two pork sausages, and a piece of Brian's banana bread. This boy can eat! After breakfast we went back to the room for a phone call home so the kids could see their new brother. They were all excited. Wen happily waved back to them and blew them kisses! Too precious! It was while we were on the phone that Brian made him laugh for the first time. We've had lots of smiles, but no real laughs yet. It was so nice that we all shared his first laugh together. We then headed back down to meet our guide and head out to the civil affairs office. After another crazy van drive over there we arrived and were greeted again by his nannies. We answered some questions asked by the official such as why we wanted to adopt Wen, and were made to promise that we would never abandon or mistreat him. We then had to "seal" the paperwork with our thumbprint. All three of us left our red thumbprint by our names, even Wen. The final goodbyes were said to his former caretakers. He walked back and forth hugging each of them a few times as if he knew this was their final goodbye, and them came to me.

Next we headed over to the local Carrefore, which is like a giant Walm*rt only more! We picked up some snacks for all of us, juice, bananas, and a suitcase to pack all the extra things we've been collecting. We came back to the room, had a little lunch, and Wen quickly went down for a nap.

I am so grateful for the way things are going. We truely could not have asked for things to go any better than they are. He is so smart, so sweet, playful, and funny. He is enjoying all the toys we brought him. It is so funny how everytime we leave he stuffs his pockets with his toys. He is a character. We are truely blessed!

Happy, hungry little boy!
Wen leaves his thumbprint and makes it official
Final Goodbyes

The Nanjing Library
Riding the escalator to the second floor
Look familiar? It's pretty easy to find snacks you are used to here.
Familiar looking chips
You can buy fish there too!
King fruit from Thailand
Our guide decided that we didn't need bags, we could just put our purchases in the suitcase we bought. We just go along with what she says!
These are all the cloths Wen was wearing when we got him.....yes he was wearing EVERYTHING you see!! When we arrived at the Civil Affairs office today the first thing the nanny did was check to see how many layers of cloths he had on! I don't think she was happy with his one pair of pants!
The cloths piled just so you can get an idea of how incredibily thick they all were!
Sleeping baby boy :)


Jodee Leader said...

It sounds like he is bonding so well with both of you. You are sooo blessed!

I can't believe the layers of clothing he had on. That is just crazy!

Joanne said...

Happy Adoption Day! Wow, he is bonding wonderfully and he seems like such a joy ~ soooo happy for all of you! Love all the photos - it will be great to look back on someday!
Enjoy ~ and loving your posts :)

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Happy day for all of you. You can see the love in all your eyes. Wen is just so cute. Wow, cant believe that he had on all those clothes. Enjoy every day there with him... and keep blogging I love your posts and pictures.

PletcherFamily said...

Happy Adoption day! Congratulations to you all! He looks so happy!
The amount of clothes never ceases to amaze me!

Anonymous said...

Love the happy, hungry, little boy picture.. The smile on both of your faces is beautiful. Congratulations on the adoption. So happy to hear things are going so smoothly for you guys.

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Owen stuffed his pockets with toys every time we left, too. :)

Happy Making-It-Official Day!!


Michele said...

Congratulations! Owen looks great and I am thankful that he seems to be transitioning so well. We can't to welcome him into the FCC family when you come home.
Michele, Emily and Alyssa

David and Sarah said...

Such a beautiful little boy! Congratulations!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

I can't believe ALL he had on. Well, yes I do. ;-) Wen looks like such a happy boy and I know he will only be happier as he spends more and more time with you and his precious forever family.

Congratulations on Forever Family Day!

Best wishes~

Anonymous said...

Brian and Melissa,
The pictures of Owen are beautiful. However, I see Brian with a video camera in his hand....was that just to tease us? Just kidding...maybe. Coley and B are having a sleepover tonight so we will check in the morning for your next post. Hope you had another great day together.
Love, Angela

Michelle said...

Hi Melis - We spent the day touring LA and I was so excited to get back here and finally turn on the computer to see Owen once again! Thank you so much for your call last night. I am so happy for all of you. He is definitely the happiest little boy I have ever seen! Happy Adoption Day!! BLESSED you are!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you!! It couldnt have gone any better!!!!So happy!!!!