Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day!

Just when I was ready to get back into a routine---SNOW DAY!!! We got hit with about 14 inches of the white stuff. Ella was asking all morning to go out and play. We were all wondering what Owen's reaction would be. Here's how it went:
We're all ready to go out!
Ella LOVES the snow!
Wen would only walk on the path that Brian shoveled!
Jason convinces him to stop whining and go play in the snow. For a minute he's having fun.
OK, maybe it's not so bad
OK, it's kinda fun
I'm starting to remember that I really don't like this.
A little snow in my mouth....I really don't like this very much!
Ella in the meantime is having a GREAT time! My angel making a snow angel.
Having fun with big brother, who shares Ella's love for snow play.
Owen enjoys the snow a lot more from inside the house! He laughs while he and B watch Ella and Jason play outside!
In case you couldn't tell from the pictures, Owen did not really like the snow. First, he wouldn't come out of the garage. Then, he only would walk on the path Brian shoveled. He finally found some fun in throwing the snow...for about 2 minutes. Then the whining began again. I was just fine with taking him back in. I am not a fan of being wet and cold either!


PletcherFamily said...

Cainan is the same way! He only really likes the snow a little bit and if he falls down or gets snow on his face, he is outta there! :)

Rebecca said...

Oh, poor Wen... you can tell he was only diggin' it just a little, and then he was done with the whole "snow thing". :) Next year he might love it, you never know!

Jodee Leader said...

Holy moly! That is alot of snow! I am with Owen -- I like it better from the inside too!

Heidi and Jason said...

I have a free moment and sat down and what do I do? Read blogs! You have inspired me to write on mine! Haven't done that since we got home. Atleast you took Wen out in the snow, this mama was much to jet lagged to take her new son out in it. oops. Guess there is next year. We only got 2 inches here in kansas!!! Miss you guys!
The Fenton Trio

Michelle said...

You really can't tell that Owen isn't enjoying it from the pictures. I love his smile out in the snow! I'm glad you captured it in his 2 happy minutes:) Now that we all captured some snow moments, "Snow, Snow, GO AWAY!" It is beautiful to look at but I am so ready for Spring!

Joanne said...

Great shots! Owen has had a lot going on his first week home! I'm sure by next year he'll just love the snow...