Monday, March 2, 2009

The first couple days

It's a snow day here in the northeast, so I figured I'd give my friends a little reading material and do a little blogging!

The first few days home with Wen have been going well. Everyday he seems to be more and more comfortable here. He and Ella have been getting along very well and he is absolutely delighted to see her when she wakes up in the morning (he ALWAYS wakes up first). Ella seems to be adjusting well to the big sister roll. There have been some things that she's had to get used to! First, Ella is usually pretty quiet in the morning. She'll wake up. Sit on the couch for a while and have her cup of tea (yes, her cup of tea!), and gradually start her day. Wen wakes up raring to go! He's bright eyed, ready to play, and LOUD!! He's vocalizing away, playing, dropping toys, banging things! As soon as Ella wakes up he wants to play. No more sitting on the couch quietly for her! Also, since Wen doesn't talk, he'll often"show" Ella what he wants her to do. For example, if he wants her to sit on her little car so he can push her around, he'll take her by the hand over to the car, and try to pick up her leg and put it over the seat of the car! My poor timid Ella! Luckily, she's less nervous about him doing things like that, and he's been less "pushy" everyday!

I think attachment is going well. He really seems to know that we are his family. He'll come to me now for comfort if he gets hurt. He's more and more affectionate each day. The cutest is when he's holding Ella's hand and then kisses it! Just too darn cute! Yesterday we were at a friend's house for dinner and Brian needed to leave to pick up B. When Owen saw him leaving he ran after him, but then was fine when I went and called him over to stay with me. Sleeping has been a little bit of an issue. He'll wake a few times in the middle of the night, and the other night was up for a couple of hours. I know it took me several days to get adjusted while in China, so I'm hoping that soon his body clock will adjust and he'll be sleeping a little better.

As for me, the jet lag hasn't been as bad as I thought it was going to be. I'm starting to think that maybe I don't need as much sleep as I used to believe! My biggest adjustment has been getting used to the new increased level of noise in the house! I don't like noise much, and it has been VERY noisy!

Wen has his hearing test scheduled for March 16th. I can't wait to see what his hearing loss is like and get him appropriately fitted with new hearing aids. He's going to need some pretty intense speech/language therapy and I'm hoping that we can get him in a hearing impaired preschool program. Luckily there is a school for the deaf not too far from us that does have a preschool program for hearing impaired and deaf children.

Here are some pictures of Wen's first couple of days home

Discovering his toys and getting to know Aunt Ali
All these toys and all he wanted was B's phone!

Showing Ella his "new toy"
Ella shows Wen her room
The first morning home Wen went to look out the window and look what was on it---A LADYBUG!
Looking out into his new yard
Loving his new sister
Brushing their teeth together!
Having lunch together :)
I LOVE my big brother!

Remember the pickle story from the airport? This was a gift for Brian from our good friend Angela! How hysterical!!!


Rebecca said...

Melissa - these pictures make me SOOO happy. Just seeing Owen home with his family is absolutely delightful! An orphan no more. Wow!

Michelle said...

Such great photos and so exciting to see Owen settling in so well! I love the pickles - too funny:)

Anonymous said...

GREAT seeing you all home and settling in! What did he think of the snow??? We can't wait to see all of you. Angela, Michael, Melanie and Logan

Sis D said...

Welcome Home!!!
It has been so hard reading your blog and looking at all of the wonderful pictures with so much water in my eyes.
I have learned to take of my mascara first - that helps (LOL)
Melissa, I know you are just a little OVER the top WHELMED right now, and probably will be for some time yet, but please don't forget about me when you decide it's time to introduce him to the rest of the family.
I knew it was going to be amazing, because you are amazing, but even I could not dream that it would go so very smoothly for you all. You truly are a family. You always made things so easy with your natural grace :-)
He truly is a happy little spirit.
I love you and until I get to meet Owen and see you all - please keep blogging!!!
I love You All -
The big Sis