Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just because.......

Just because........ I know there are some of you (not gonna mention any names) who are needing a "blog fix"! I really don't have much to say. Things are continuing to go well and continue to get easier each day. It just happens to be my favorite time of the day. The time when the light coming in the living room makes it such an inviting room. It is my favorite room in the house (now that the novelty of the laundry room has worn off that is!). Some of you (again, not gonna mention any names) would say that it lacks color.....yes, it is "monochromatic".....and I LOVE it that way! Did I mention it's my favorite room in the house????? I love to sit in here, I love the way it "feels"......peaceful, warm.....especially this time of day. So, needing an excuse to sit in here today, I decided to take my laptop and do a little blogging in my-----colorless room. By the way, beige does happen to be a color ya know!
The view from where I'm sitting.....I could sit here all day with the sunlight pouring in. Who needs color????
OK now for some pictures of the kids!
"Best friends" Last weekend was beautiful here and perfect for a little outdoor play!
Owen and Meg pose for a picture together. Please ignore the fact the Owen is riding Ella's princess bike. Notice the snow in the background---I wasn't quite prepared for bike riding whether considering last week we got over a foot of snow. Rest assured, some little someone will be getting a new bike for his birthday!
Ella has already taught her new brother that the view of the T.V while sitting on the COFFEE TABLE is quite good!
Over the weekend Owen met Poppy. They were instant friends!
Ella also introduced Owen to Slurp**s! Once he figured out what it was, he liked it!
Handsome little devil--thank you Aunt Dana and Nikki for the cute shirt!


Dana said...

Thank you for the many "shout-outs" in today's blog!!!! i know when you are talking about me even if you dont mention me by name! Cant wait to see you Saturday---it will be me, Nicky, and Daniella. Frank and the older girls have soccer then a birthday party in town.

Jodee Leader said...

I love your beige room! It would be my favorite room too!

Cute pictures of the kids. So glad things are going well.

Joanne said...

Ooooooooo, his shirt says it all! He is just darling!!!!!!!!!! The livingroom is my favorite ("sun room") in the afternoon - so warm and cozy and pretty...I love your room!!