Thursday, January 8, 2009


I heard from Great Wall yesterday after submitting my travel information sheets. Originally, we were told that we would probably be traveling the first week of February. So when I sent in the forms I noted that I would indeed like to leave February 5th, or latest February 12th. This would make babysitting arrangement sooooooo much easier because the kids are off the week of the 16th. Well, I got an email from the Rebecca who is handling our travel arrangements at Great Wall. She said that she saw my note, but she had us tentatively scheduled to leave on January 29th and return on February 12th!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH....that's only three weeks away!!!! I did call her to ask if there was any possibility of waiting until 2/5 and she said that she'd have to check on guide availability. Not that I don't want to run there right now and go get the little guy. I just think Ella would do best if my sister, who is a teacher and also off for February break, was able to come to our house to watch her. There's about to be big changes in her world! Knowing that she's as comfortable as she can be in my absence would surely make me feel better. Of course we've had plenty of babysitting offers for the kids, but with Ella's food allergies there are only a few people I trust. So I should hear from Great Wall today, and I'm just going to trust that things will work out the way they are meant to :)

In the meantime, starting today, I think I'd better kick it up a notch in terms of getting ready!! I have been picking things up along the way that we will need for the trip. This week I raided the "travel size section" at Bed, B*th, and Beyond. What fun that was!! Also, Ella and I were in one of the big toy stores this week and picked up a few things for us to bring to China for Wen. But, our favorite shopping trip of the week, was right here in our own attic!!! Before putting the Christmas decorations back up there and I went and took a look around. I was sure I didn't save much of Jason's old toys, but to my surprise there were quite a few things up there. I knew I saved his trains, we brought those down. Also up there was his beloved castle playset, his pirate ship, all of his cars, a big box of dinosaurs, some St*r Wars figures, a bunch of games, some boy appropriate dress up cloths, some trucks, and a remote control motorcycle (still in the box!). Ella also made out pretty well on our shopping trip! Little does she know there is still more up there that will be perfect for her next year! We spent the rest of that afteroon playing with her favorite attic find---Twister!! She was hysterical!

Today my best little helper and I are going to start painting Wen's room. I've waited a while to start, not knowing what I wanted to do in there. Time is a runnin' out now! So we're just going to keep it pretty neutral as far a theme for now---which is soooo hard for me to do, and just fill it with some toys. Once we get to know what he likes we can pick a theme! We picked out a beautiful grayish blue for the walls(called Blue Stream), and a light tan (called Everlasting--liked that name!) for the trim. Hopefully I'll like it on the wall. I have been know to repaint rooms immediately upon finishing them because I didn't like the color! Drives Brian crazy, but I really don't have time for that this time!

Well, it's off to painting I go!


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Oh Melissa I am so excited I can't stand it. Owen is almost home..

Lisa R

PletcherFamily said...

Leaving so soon - that is GREAT! I know you are anxious to get over there, but I also understand the timing works out better if you can go a little later. Hopefully all will work out. We are on Winter break that week as well!!

We will be thinking of you! Little China boys are the BEST.

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!! I have chills and tears at the same time, I know its been so long for you but I can't believe its almost time. I hop eyour prayers are answered for travel times, it'll all work out.
Joanne C.