Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Test of Patience and Faith

Great Wall got another batch of TA's yesterday, and again ours was not there. I'm am struggling today to find some peace with this. Some of the families that got their TA's yesterday received their LSC's two weeks after us. So I am confused as to why ours isn't here yet. Our signed LSC did get "lost" for a couple of days, but still was mailed back to China before those LSC's were issued. So why has the other family who received LSC on 12/15, and three families who received LSC on 12/29 gotten their TA and not us??? With many offices in China now being closed or closing for Chinese New Year this week, the thought of how long this could delay things is a little unbearable right now. This truely is a test of patience and faith.

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PletcherFamily said...

I am so sorry for your delays. That is completely unfair. Have you been in contact with Great Wall and stressed your concern? I would even contact Snow Wu. We had emailed her when we were adopting Cainan and she was a huge help!! I truly believe she helped us get his file transferred from one agency to another by going and speaking for us in China. So don't hesitate to use her to help you out! We are hoping good news comes to you soon.