Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally a Fingerprint Appointment!!!!

We FINALLY got our appointment for our fingerprints to be done for USCIS. They have had our application for 6 weeks! After speaking with one of the case workers there, I learned that our file is "next to be assigned to an adjudicator". Then we'll have to wait for them to review our application and home study. They have no idea how much longer things are going to take, as I was told that with the changes in the regulations things are "still a work in progress" on their end. Unfortunately they are apparently still finding many deficiencies in home studies. When I asked what the most common deficiencies were, I was told that there were too many to even list!! I'm hoping and praying ours will be OK. Any deficiencies that cause our home study to need revisions will hold us yet once again. As it is our fingerprint appointment isn't for another 2 weeks! Ugggh! I was really hoping to travel in November. That possibility is starting to not look so good :(

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Joanne said...

Oh, I hope you "sail" right through and there are no problems! As far as leaving in Nov...anything is possible :)