Thursday, August 6, 2009


OK....I know its been a loooooooong time, and I'm sure many of you have given up on me by now. But, since there are several of you who are still making comments about how long it's been since a blog post...well, I guess some of you still love us. That, or you are all just truly nosey people!!'s just flying by! My calender the last two months...almost impossible to read! I think (and a say this cautiously) that things are calming down a little bit. Maybe??? At the very least, Owen is now done with his summer session at school, and we are ALL officially on a "summer schedule". It's been rough being the only one up...for hours, after he got the bus at 7:15...all summer!

Regardless of our crazy calendar.....largely due to J's insane baseball schedule and the fact that for whatever reason EVERY medical/dental appointment--what feels like a whole years worth--is squished (is that even a real word??) into the two months of the summer....we have been able to get in some summer fun! Here are some scenes from the summer:

This was Owen's initial reaction to seeing the pool this summer.....

Initially, when I indicated that we were going to go INTO to pool, he looked at me and shook his head "no". Then he saw Ella and J jump in, thought that was hysterical, and decided he'd join the fun.

Wondering if he'd be over the "panda incident", we ventured to the zoo.

All went well--just not a big fan of the Children's Zoo. We did just fine in the Butterfly house second favorite part of the zoo :)

Then to Ella's favorite part of the zoo.....

And FAVORITE part of the zoo....the Gorillas! I can stand there ALL day and watch them--seriously ALL day. They fascinate me!

How can you not want to watch this.......

OK, I know you're not here to look at pictures of Gorillas....but, it's my blog, and I LOVE Gorillas So, just one more.........

There's just something in those eyes :)

Owen's first Carousel ride...I do love Carousels too :) And now so does Owen!

He also loves opening presents...even when they aren't for him!

Gram :)

On July 2nd Brian and I celebrated our Anniversary. Ella was very excited ALL week about us going out for our anniversary, and personally picked out our outfits in advance!! Even though we were not going to a very fancy restaurant, we couldn't disappoint her, and wore our "fancy dress", and suit! The smile on her face when she saw us all dressed....PRICELESS. Here is how she dressed us.....

Swing set fun.... flowers :)

Owen's first Fourth of July...mostly guessed it....on the baseball field!!!!

Monday mornings, back to school, have been tough! This is Owen on a Monday morning waiting for his breakfast!
Moments captured....what are big sisters for???...pushing you on the swing.....

More fun in the pool

So Handsome!
Sharing summer snacks--Ben loves cantelope, and will stop at nothing to get some. Owen was happy to share :)

Ok, I really do have a lot more to blog about, but I'll let you enjoy this blog post for just a little while :)

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