Monday, May 11, 2009

Just when it finally stopped raining....a Shower!

This past Friday we celebrated the upcoming arrival of Paige Min Shan. He mommy, Lisa, has been waiting a long time for her. Paige is waiting in a foster home until her mommy and daddy can come to get her.

Lisa, who thought she was going walking with Meaghan Grace's mommy, was quite surprised when 30 of her friends and family were waiting for her in Michelle's driveway!! Everyone had worked very hard to make this a night special for Lisa, and it was. It was filled with beautiful gifts, good wishes, and lots of love for little Paige who we will hopefully all meet VERY soon!!

Lisa, dressed in her "workout attire" approached the driveway
She realizes what's going on....for a moment we're afraid she'll run away!!!

Four lucky Mommies!! Michelle (Meaghan Grace's mommy), Lisa (Paige's Mommy), Joanne (Mia Hope's Mommy), and Me
Lisa got MANY gifts!!

Since this is my blog, I decided to post a picture of part of my gift!! Lisa's son plays many sports and Paige, just like Ella, will be spending A LOT of time on the field. I made Lisa a basket of things to make life of the field a little easier and called it "Fairy on the Field" (Lisa LOVES fairies!). In it were two t-shirts. One said "I have no life, my brother plays baseball", and the other said "My brother plays Lacrosse better than your brother". In the basket were things like travel snack cups, travel spoons, a travel formula/cereal dispenser, sippy cups, a bottle cooler bag and ice packs, a thermos, a blanket, disposable bibs, toys, bubbles, and snacks. The basket came out really cute!!

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Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Thank you so much for making my shower so special. I loved the basket and the little tees. Coleton loved them too, it actually cracked him up.