Friday, December 19, 2008

Taking a Deep Breath---Many Deep Breaths

With a big smile on my face, and lots of love in my heart, I took our signed LSC to the post office and sent it overnight to Great Wall on Wednesday. Now, at 5:30 on Friday, they still haven't received it!!!!!!! Nobody at the post office can seem to tell me where it is, only that it left our local processing plant on Wednesday at 6:08pm. According, to their computers it still has not scanned in Texas!!!! DEEP BREATH, DEEP BREATH, DEEP BREATH......this means our LSC will not go to China until Wednesday......assuming it ever gets to Great Wall! Hopefully there are just a lot of packages being sent during this busy time of year and it's just taking longer than promised. The good news--they will gladly refund me my $16.50 since they failed to fulfill their commitment. As if I really care about the $16.50!!!! Yes, yet another delay. I know there is "a reason" why my LSC didn't leave for China today, but I do wish that my faith in God's perfect timing wasn't tested quite so much!

......keeping my fingers crossed for a Monday delivery!


JoEllen said...

How frustrating. Will say a prayer for your LCS to get to where it needs to be so you are ready to get that TA!

Alison said...

I'm so sorry, Melissa! I'll be praying for you too.

We got the call today that our approval came through! We'll be going in to the agency office on Monday to sign the Letter Seeking Confirmation. Maybe our travel time will overlap--our agency says we will likely be traveling the first week of February too.

Joanne said...

Oh no!! Keeping everything crossed that your LOA gets to GW soon! I'm sure it's because of the time of year - with all the packages...keep us updated!!

Barbara said...

I have everything possible crossed for all of you. What a beautiful angelic face your Wen has.

Barbara T