Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

This year Ella had a very difficult time deciding what she would be for Halloween. She changed her mind several times! She finally decided that she'd be a giraffe. She LOVES giraffes. We had a beautiful day to trick-or-treat and as always we did it with Ella's best friend and boyfriend Mikey. Jason went around with a group of his friends and came back with a sack full of candy. Brianna who is too old to get dressed up, but apparently not to old to want candy, did go out with her friends dressed basically like themselves!
Ella stood still two days in a row, first for her school Halloween party and then for Halloween, while her face was painted
The cutest giraffe ever!!!

They're all ready to go get some candy!
The boys. J is the one with the B@rt mask on. He kept it on for about one block!
El sharing a ride with her best friend
Poor Meg trailing behind!
Ella asked Mikey to hold her hand as they walked back toward the street. He always takes such good care of her!
Mom and Dad with their little "Giraffie"


sandy said...

Such cute pictures!!! Great job on Ella's face. Very professional looking. Looks like the kids had a great time. Great weather and candy....what not to love!!!

PletcherFamily said...

Great job with the face paint - very impressive!

Joanne said...

Ella looked awesome!!! She is such a good girl to stand still for 2 face painting :)

Anonymous said...

She is the most adorable giraffe I have seen.

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Oh my word Melissa, is that you doing the face paint?? You are amazing! She is so cute... love all the pictures!!!

You've been tagged on my blog... don't get too excited. :) Haha.