Monday, October 20, 2008


Over the weekend we got a long awaited update on Wen! Oh how I wish I was able to post his picture so I could share his beautiful smile with everyone! In his original referral pictures he looked so grumpy. It was wonderful to see him smiling! According to the information I received our little guy is extroverted, lovely, smart, and loving. He is a quick learner. They call him "Xiao Shuai". Xiao means little, and Shuai means handsome. He's potty trained and tells his nanny when he needs to use the bathroom. He drinks from a cup. They reported that he talks and says MaMa. I don't know who he'd be calling MaMa, and maybe they're just saying this because they think that's what I'd like to hear. But, if he truely is talking he must have some hearing. I guess we'll have to wait and see! I can't wait to be able to post his picture. Hopefully just a few more weeks!


Michelle said...

Beautiful doesn't begin to explain it -- I just want to hug that adorable boy!! I love his dimple and know he will light up every room he enters! Here's to a speedy LOA and TA. I think if Mikey asks me when he will be home one more time you may see me running down the street....We love you!

Joanne said...

SO exciting!! Oh, how I wish you could post that Little handsome man's photos - he is gorgeous and so full of life! Wait until he comes home!! I cannot wait to see his smiles in person :)