Tuesday, September 9, 2008


We got the news today that we have an LID of 9/3/08!!!!! This was especially exciting news on this given day because it's Brian's birthday!!! So, when we first noticed "Wen's" picture on the waiting child list we were surprised to see that he and Jason shared a birthday. We then applied for his file and and several days later were offered his file for review on Ella's birthday! Now we got the email notifying us of our LID on Brian's birthday (our LID, by the way, is the day in between my Mom's birthday on 9/2 and my step dad's birthday on 9/4!!!). So if this pattern keeps up, we should expect LOA on 11/6---which is my birthday!!!! Wouldn't that be nice!! And a little weird!!!

Now for those of you not familiar with these terms LID stands for "log in date", which is the day our dossier is "logged in" with the China Center of Adoption Affairs. LOA stands for "letter of acceptance", which is the official approval from China. Once we receive LOA we will travel within four to eight weeks after that. We're gettin there!!


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Michelle said...

YEAH!!!!!! It is so nice to see it in print. You have been waiting a LONG time for this!! Here's to a speedy LOA!!!

Joanne said...

Hoooooooooooray for LID!! Congrat's to you all :)