Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Daddy's favorite cook getting ready to make her dad Father's Day breakfast

Ella was so excited these last few days that Father's Day was coming. The other day while card shopping she found a Tinkerbell card that played "You Can Fly" which was part of her dance recital music. She was so excited she insisted on giving Brian the card that night! It was so cute how she couldn't contain her excitement. Then, when we went shopping I had to explain that the presents were a surprise and she couldn't come home and tell Daddy what they were and we had to wait until Father's Day to give them to him. She told me, and these were her words, she was going to "zip it, lock it, and throw away the key"!!! And that she did. She didn't utter a peep. Of course this morning she was the first one awake and couldn't wait to go down and make Daddy breakfast. She wanted to make him an omelet, but seeing how we were going out for brunch Daddy requested fruit salad. Ella did a wonderful job making the fruit salad and proudly served her dad and then gladly helped him eat it! She then couldn't wait for Brian to open his gifts, but Brianna and Jason were still sleeping so I told her she had to wait. She couldn't take it any longer, so I let her give her dad the present she picked out herself-Pajamas (she wanted to buy "Beast" pajamas, from Beauty and the Beast, but when I convinced her that they didn't make them, she settled for a nice pair of pajama pants from the Gap). After the other two finally awoke we finished, or I should say Brian and Ella finished, opening gifts. Then it was off to meet my parents, grandmother, and Ali and Gino for brunch. Well, first my mom got lost going there. Then we got lost going there (gotta love when the navigation system says "You have reached your destination", and your looking around and saying "yeah, where????"). Eventually we all got there. Too bad we didn't all end up at a different restaurant when we couldn't find the one we were looking for, because that was definitely the WORST brunch we've ever been too! Very crowded, horrible service, and not so great food! Oh well :( During a miserable meal I guess you have to at least be grateful that you are able to spend Father's day together , be grateful that you still have your father, and make the best of it. Hopefully next time we can be happy we are all together, and have a delicious meal! We finished brunch, and headed home for what else----baseball! Jason's afternon was packed with four hours of baseball, Brian's perfect Father's day present!

Ella proudly brings Daddy his breakfast
Daddy is very happy!

Of course every chef needs to sample her work, sometimes more than once. Daddy was happy to share!

Daddy could barely finish opening one gift before Ella brought him another. She was just a little excited!
Bad food, but we're all still smiling!
We were even laughing!


Michelle said...

Happy Father's Day Brian!! Where did you eat?? I must not go there! Ella is tooooooo cute! I am going to keep my eye out for Beast PJ's and bring them home for Ella as soon as I find them!

Joanne said...

Yes, Happy Father's Day! Ella is such a sweetie - I cannot wait to see her and "Wen" together :)