Tuesday, May 27, 2008

LOI Finally Submitted!!

This afternoon I got a call from Stephanie at Great Wall. She said that she submitted our LOI (letter of intent) to the CCAA today!!!!! Now at least someone in China knows we want this little boy to be our son! One more step closer :) Now, we wait for PA (Pre-Approval). We've been informed that this will take anywhere between 1 day and 2 weeks. You know what I'm hoping for!

Also, I tracked my package to USCIS. It was delivered today at 11:50 AM. Let's hope that everyone there is well rested after the long holiday weekend and in wonderful moods!! Hopefully we'll get our fingerprint appointment in the mail very soon.


Joanne said...

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! Things are moving along - hopefully it will be closer to one week (please!)

Michelle said...

Yippee!! Keep the good news coming!